CASP Aerospace Inc. rebranding (2016-2017)
CASP Aerospace Inc. (CASP) is a Montreal-based business that specializes in the repair, overhaul, exchange and sale of aircraft safety and life support equipment. CASP was looking for a partner who could offer professional-level, cost-effective solutions to increasing their brand awareness in North America and Europe as a premier OEM authorized repair facility.  
CASP Aerospace logo

CASP Aerospace logo. Designed by Steve Menard of Design DXM as part of 2016 rebrand.

CASP Aerospace Trade Show display (8' x 10') (left),
plus concept for multi-panel display
CASP Aerospace - social media ads and email banners
CASP Aerospace - concept for marketing material
(brochure cover, poster, slide, banner, or handout )

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