Whether it's in the industrial, retail, or commercial sectors, Design DXM will work with you to produce effective packaging to the strictest standards. And if you're looking for mockups of products that are in development, I can help you with that as well!
Paravie Fitness personal hygiene products (concept). Client : Paravie Fitness. © 2018
Hush personal hygiene products (concept). © 2018
Vanscapes "swag" (concept). Client : Vanscapes. © 2018
Coffee cup (concept). Client : Cucina Express. © 2015
Orange Julep tetra packs. Client : Orange Julep. © 2014
Orange Julep bottle label. Client : Orange Julep. © 2014
Nexxsana pill jar label. Client : Nexxsana. © Design DXM
Product packaging/production layout. Clinet : Walter Surface Technologies. © 2018.
Design & layout for abrasive cloth sheets packaging (industrial client).
DESIGN : concept, layout, typography, and file pre-press production.
© Design DXM

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