Concept for Sherlock Holmes animated character, inspired by Robert Downey Jr.
(© 2013 Steve Menard)
Illustration of Walter Payton (© 1978)

Sports illustration of Walter Payton - acrylic (© Steve Menard)

'Swinging 66' character design concept (inspired by Syd Barrett) © 2013 Steve Menard
Giraffe character design concept for animated feature or series.
(© 2013 Steve Menard)
Visual Development - character study, waitresses. © Steve Menard
Visual Development / Character Design - Initial character study for kids' animated series
(© 2013 Steve Menard)
Character Developement - Concept for kids' TV show
(© 2013 Steve Menard)
Character Design - ensemble cast (Ogilvy & Co.)
(© 2013 Steve Menard)
Just a fun sketch to loosen things up a bit during a long day.
(© 2015 Steve Menard)
Some developmental character sketches, plus team mascot logo

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